The Hosea Project

The Hosea Project

The Hosea Project is a division of TFM Theological Foundations Ministries, an international, nondenominational effort by volunteers to contact each Pastor and leader of the Christian Church worldwide with this message of repentance and restoration. Even though many other doctrinal understandings may vary, all true Christians, regardless of affiliation, share the same moral and ethical standards commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. No individual church or denomination stands alone in this particular time of crisis with marriage, divorce and remarriage. The actions of one effect the reactions of all, for both good and for evil.

Hosea Project Team Members

Our team members come from different walks of life, vary in age, marital status, and denominational or independent persuasion. Each one loves the Lord, and has made a personal commitment to stand up and reach out to their brothers and sisters along side them in the church. They are all busy with their own lives and in many cases careers. Each is unpaid, individually bearing the costs both financially and socially for the efforts they make on behalf of the Hosea Project. Please pray for them for they are doers of the Word and not hearers only. These are the people who sacrificed the time to research, find you and send you this letter with hope and in prayer. They are His salt and light and work directly for Him. May God bless them for their toil and service on His behalf. We hope you become involved with the Hosea Project.

Rev. Stephen W. Wilcox

Stephen Wilcox is an ordained minister and and managing director of the Hosea Project. He has a burden for those caught in the web of confusion and deceit caused by sin that is upheld by false doctrine and wayward theology. His efforts are primarily focused on restoring broken families by supporting and encouraging those who stand in the gap for loved ones.

He is the author of "Restoration of Christian Marriage" – a plea for repentance and reformation. In association with dedicated volunteer assistants, he manages “ TFM Theological Foundations Ministries” which operates several busy Christian outreach websites such as and Stephen Wilcox can be reached as follows:

TFM Theological Foundations Ministries,
P.O. Box 94
New Providence, PA 17560-0094
Attention: Chaplain Stephen Wilcox


This doctrinal declaration is being distributed broadly within the Christian Church worldwide, both electronically and in print, without regard to individual denomination, nationality or the variations of the English language proficiency of recipients. Subsequently, every attempt has been made to simplify its content to be understandable to the widest possible constituency. All quotes from the early Church leaders were compiled and categorized by the Christian Classics Ethereal Classics Library. All ancient material quoted is in the public domain and may be copied freely.

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