The Hosea Project

The Hosea Project

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The Hosea Project is an international, nondenominational effort by volunteers to contact each Pastor and leader of the Christian Church worldwide with this message of repentance and restoration. Even though many other doctrinal understandings may vary, all true Christians, regardless of affiliation, share the same moral and ethical standards commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. No individual church or denomination stands alone in this particular time of crisis with marriage, divorce and remarriage. The actions of one effect the reactions of all, for both good and for evil.

Hosea Project Team Members

Our team members come from different walks of life, vary in age, marital status, and denominational persuasion. Each one loves the Lord, and has made a personal commitment to stand up and reach out to their brothers and sisters along side them in the church. They are all busy with their own lives and in many cases careers. Each is unpaid, individually bearing the costs both financially and socially for the efforts they make on behalf of the Hosea Project. Please pray for them for they are doers of the Word and not hearers only. These are the people who sacrificed the time to research, find you and send you this letter with hope and in prayer. They are His salt and light and work directly for Him. May God bless them for their toil and service on His behalf.

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The signatories of the “Letter to the Pastor” are as follows:

Dr. Joseph A. Webb

Joseph Webb has been an ordained minister since 1957. Since that time he has ministered as a youth pastor, family counselor, pastor and evangelist. He is a frequent guest on Christian radio and television programs throughout the United States. As a seminar speaker and evangelist he continues to minister to dozens of different denominational groups internationally. Pastor Webb’s teachings have been widely received by both tapes and books. His latest book, “Till Death Do Us Part?” is now in its fifth printing. Joseph answers the questions about God’s universal Marriage law: When was it established? To whom does it apply? Which marriage does God recognize? Does the New Testament ever recognize divorce; and are there exceptions? Christian Principles Restored Ministries can be reached as follows:

Christian Principles Restored Ministries,
P.O. Box #520729,
Longwood Florida 32752-0729 USA

Rev. Dana Hartong (Deceased)

Pastor Hartong has been a teacher and pastor laboring amongst God’s people for the last 44 years. His teaching skills and pastoral experience has served as the foundation for “the call of a lifetime” for the past 23 years, when after a close call on their own marriage, he and his wife Val founded the “New Hope for Broken Marriages” ministry. Their ministry has provided a bright light in a dark world as they have personally counseled over 3,000 couples in the throws of divorce and restoration. Few, if any, of God’s people down through the ages have a deeper understanding of the real issues involved in marriage, divorce and remarriage. They have seen the ugly underbelly of false teaching in the church like few others ever will or want to. They have influenced literally tens of thousands for Christ through their letters, phone conversations, teaching tapes and a book named after their ministry, “New Hope for Broken Marriages”. They can be reached as follows: Dana Hartong is deceased.

Dr. Mike Gorrie (Deceased)

Dr. Gorrie is an ordained minister, keen Bible student, and gifted seminar speaker. During a life time of pastoral ministry and marriage and family counseling, he has endeavored to uphold God’s standard in marriage, divorce and remarriage matters. Mike and his wife are a driving force behind the effort to reclaim Christian morality in the church worldwide. With their roots in South Africa, while living and ministering in New Zealand and their frequent travels to North America and Europe, they have a ministry that spans the globe. Their website, noted below, has a wealth of free downloadable sermons, messages and media interviews accumulated over their many years of ministry. Dr. Gorrie can be reached as follows: Dr. Gorrie is deceased.

Dr. James Birkitt (Deceased)

Jim Birkitt found the Lord and was called to preach in a naval hospital during World War II. Since that time he has served as Pastor or interim pastor in 16 different churches. He has authored numerous books, pamphlets and articles. His latest book, “What the Bible Teaches about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage and the Family” is a scholarly compilation of evidences of truths on the subject matter. Dr. Birkitt also founded and operated a number of Christian radio stations as well as hosted “The Radio Bible Institute.” For 27 years it was broadcast as a beacon of truth over radio stations at home and abroad. For decades he has stood steadfastly for Christian marriage truth, sometimes alone, as much of the church fell away into the present state of immoral apostasy and error. Jim and his wife Carol reside in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Rev. Stephen W. Wilcox

Stephen Wilcox is an ordained minister and coordinator of the Hosea Project. He has a burden for those caught in the web of confusion and deceit caused by sin that is upheld by false doctrine and wayward theology. His efforts are primarily focused on restoring broken families by supporting and encouraging those who stand in the gap for loved ones. He is the author of "Restoration of Christian Marriage" – a plea for repentance and reformation. Stephen Wilcox can be reached as follows:

TFM Theological Foundations Ministries,
P.O. Box 7121,
Riverview New Brunswick, E1B 4T8 Canada


This doctrinal declaration is being distributed broadly within the Christian Church worldwide, both electronically and in print, without regard to individual denomination, nationality or the variations of the English language proficiency of recipients. Subsequently, every attempt has been made to simplify its content to be understandable to the widest possible constituency. Therefore the majority of Biblical quotes are from The Holy Bible, New Living Translation, due to its common, conversational, modern English text. It is advisable that all Biblical translations be verified by comparison to the available Greek and Hebrew texts. Scripture quotations marked (NLT) are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved. Scriptures marked (NIV) are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved Scriptures marked (THE MESSAGE) are taken from THE MESSAGE. Copyright by Eugene H. Peterson 1993, 1994, 1995. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group. All rights reserved. Scriptures marked (NKJV) are taken from the New King James Version. Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. All quotes from the early Church leaders were compiled and categorized by the Christian Classics Ethereal Classics Library. All ancient material quoted is in the public domain and may be copied freely.

All material provided is ©copyright 2006-2018 by Rev. Stephen W. Wilcox and may be used to promote Biblical Marriage providing no material changes take place, and copyright notices are maintained, and no fee or service charge is levied or solicited from recipients. All other rights are reserved.

For more information please contact
Rev. Stephen Wilcox at: TFM Theological Foundations Ministries,
PO Box 7121, Riverview,
NB E1B 4T8 Canada