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The Restoration of Christian Marriage

Marriage Divorce


Don’t Confuse a Sin with a Covenant

"Many do not understand the difference between an unbiblical wedding and a marriage covenant witnessed by God."

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What Jesus Said About Divorce and Remarriage

An urgent appeal by protestant bishop emeritus, veteran missionary and teacher of theology and biblical languages.

What Jesus Said about Divorce and Remarriage
(Norwegian Language) Jesu ord om skilsmisse og gjengifte

Please Pastors, Count the Cost!

When God started him on a quest for the truth he went to his knees, searching the Scriptures while God taught him.

Read Message from Pastor Hartong

Reasons Why Divorce is Wrong

"In discussing the subject of divorce, Christians find themselves asking two important questions: Is a Christian ever justified in seeking divorce; and once divorced, may a Christian remarry?"

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A study from the Scriptures on the sin of adultery. Learn what adultery is and what it involves.

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Readers’ Emails

Selection of readers’ emails gives personal insight into the issues of marriage, divorce and remarriage.

Part 1
Part 2